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Stagger at Ravenswood Loft

Don't let life's celebrations go uncelebrated!

Ravenswood Loft has innovated a brand new concept for life celebrations during our very challenging times.

A Stagger is an event package that includes scheduled entries of guests to allow for a complete socially responsible and socially distanced celebration of up to 100 guests during the course of one evening.

With the help of Ravenswood Loft, the celebration host invites up to 30 guests for 1 hour time slots during the course of a 3 hour event, and a choice of up to 10 ' full-time celebration' guests to be by your side all event long. 

Examples of timed entries could include:

(Hour 1) Family

(Hour 2) work and college friends

(Hour 3) Your party people!


(Hour 1) Guests with last names A-H

(Hour 2) Guests with last names I-P

(Hour 3) Guests with last names Q--Z


Perfect for Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, BarMizvahs, Intimate weddings and so much more!

Imagine the dream of being able to spend time greeting and chatting with every guest at your celebration!
With a Stagger, your dream can come true. 


Add a multicamera live feed event with our partnering company to bring the celebration to friends and family from around the country and around the world.


The package includes:

5 hour rental (including set up and break down periods)

1 staff person to assist with on-site coordination
Colored wristbands (can be customized)

Party invite consultation and assistance

Weekend Evenings: $975 (cleaning fee, optional professional staffing and rental items not included)
Weekend Daytime: $725 (cleaning fee, optional professional staffing and rental items not included)


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